Martial Secrets Is Back

One of the original podcasts about karate, Martial Secrets, is back.

Some of you might be aware of Martial Secrets, a Podcast hosted by Kris Wilder. Kris has authored several books on the martial arts and has trained and taught seminars around the world.

But a little known secret is Martial Secrets itself, the Podcast that takes in a wide range of martial artists and people on the edges of the arts as well. When you tune into Martial Secrets you will hear from a wide group of people like a Screenwriter, a Physical Therapists, a Dr. of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a Black Belt Magazine columnists, to name a few.

As the new interviews are coming up – after a 18 month long hiatus – explore the back catalogue, you will not be disappointed. Kris was also the guest on Episode 3 of the Applied Karate Show and he maintains a crisp and poignant blog at

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