New Book: The Way to Black Belt

Fast becoming one of my favourite martial arts authors is Sensei Kris Wilder, author of Lessons from the Dojo Floor and The Way of Sanchin Kata, co-author with Lawrence Kane of The Way of Kata, and guest on Episode 004 of The Applied Karate Show podcast.

Together with Lawrence Kane, Kris has released a fascinating book called The Way to Black Belt, a fascinating exploration of what it takes to become a black belt, looking at all aspects of mind, body and spirit.  The book covers a huge variety of facets of martial training to reach the level of black belt, including dojo training and all the extra curricular development activities.

In their exploration, Messrs Kane and Wilder have shown that karate, pursued fully, is a total exploration of mind, body and spirit, and that attitude and mindset are the vital foundations for true achievement.

I highly recommend the book, and not just because they authors were kind enough to give a mention and link to The Applied Karate Show podcast.

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