Earth Hour 2010: Protect the Planet

As martial artists we practice self defense on a personal level. We work hard to avoid, diffuse and occasionally  definitively deal with threats to our personal security. Martial arts are a practice of life preservation techniques.

We know that being aware of whats going on around us, being aware of potential threats, is a vital part of self defense – more important than any technique or skill.

On a global level we also have to recognise threats. One important one is global climate change. There appears to be widespread consensus in the scientific community that the climate is changing, and that the changes are likely to have far reaching consequences. We need to take action.

One small action is to reduce our energy consumption. Earth Hour is an annual event where people around the world show their commitment to reducing consumption by switching off all lights.

Life protection means protecting our life on a personal and a global level. Visit the Earth Hour website and calculate your footprint. Its quite astonishing to see the impact we have, and great to see that there are simple steps we can take to reduce our footprint.

This website will be blacked out for one hour during Earth Hour in Sydney, Australia. From 8.30pm tonight, you’ll get an Earth Hour page instead, showing our support for Earth Hour. This is achieved using BraveNewCode’s Earth Hour WordPress plugin.

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