Patrick McCarthy Hanshi Releases Uke Waza DVD

Hanshi Patrick McCarthy (founder of the International Ryukyu Karate Research Society and guest on Episode 001 of the The Applied Karate Show) has announced the release of Volume 15 of his Koryu Uchinadi DVD training series.

Volume 15 provides detailed instruction in McCarthy sensei’s two person drill that comprises the most representative receiving techniques (uke waza, also known as blocking techniques) found in karate.

Based on the premise that most attacks are “received” in predictable targets of the body, this extensive drill develops the ability to receive common attacks and setup for counter attacking.

Although I’ve yet to personally view the video, I did have the opportunity a couple of years ago to learn this drill from McCarthy Sensei. Knowing that this is an excellent drill, coupled with my experience of the excellent production values of the previous volumes, I have no doubt that this will be an excellent DVD. I look forward to receiving a copy soon.

I plan to review this DVD in detail in an upcoming issue of the Essential Karate Newsletter.