The Applied Karate Show is produced and hosted by Des Paroz, a Shorinjiryu Koshinkai karate instructor at the Kengokan Dojo in Sydney, Australia. From the outset, the aim of the show has been to provide a forum for practitioners of karate, kobudo and related disciplines to discuss their views on classical karate – including it’s history, techniques, applications, personalities and evolution in the modern world.

In the process, the show aims to avoid the politics and sensationalism to often found in the “martial arts media”. The show is intended to be about karate, by karateka and for karateka.

The Podcast Network, the former host of The Applied Karate Show’s podcasts has “gone dark”, and thus the previous links are inactive. On behalf of the listeners of the Show and myself, I wish to thank Cameron Reilly of TPN for having provided a venue the show for so long.

I am setting up a new hosting arrangement at this time, and have started the process by loading the old episodes up. These are linked below, and hopefully I’ll be able to get them all loaded.

As for new shows, The Applied Karate Podcast is on hiatus for now, but I do have plans to produce more episodes as time and opportunity permits.

Des is a very amiable host, and a man who knows his Eastern Martial Arts! Good interview talent as well. I particularly love the understated way that these men with lethal skills talk about themselves! (12 May 2006 Review by Jo Leutton of ABC Radio 612 in Brisbane)

I’d love any suggestions for topics or guests for the show. Please send an email to the host, Des Paroz at podcast@appliedkarate.com.

Past Episodes

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